Seal and Wildlife Trips FROM Wallasea Marina and Burnham Town Quay - as seen on BBC's inside out and BBC coast programme

Common Seal

Tide, weather and demand permitting, we explore the creeks around Foulness and Potton Island in search of the Common Seals. Our trips go from Essex Marina, Wallasea Island and also from Burnham Town Quay. The seals are often as interested in us as we are in them and they will come surprisingly close to the boat. click here for directions to Essex Marina

Seal and Wildlife Trips:

We operate seven days a week plus evenings, we take cards, and children are £15. We are following government guidelines. Please contact us for availability.

For booking details please call: 07748 653 900 or email:

Adults and teenagers £25, under 12s £ 15.00 (we are able to take credit card and PayPal payments) or option to book the boat for £200 (maximum 12 people). Call us on: 07748 653900 to book. Note that, on the grounds of safety, we can only accept two children per adult. Please ensure that you have suitable warm/waterproof clothing and footwear as the temperature out on the river can sometimes be a lot cooler than on the land and also we cannot be held responsible if your garments are damaged or marked by sea water. If you have any medical condition which may put you at risk, please inform the organiser when booking and they will advise you on the suitability of the itinerary/excursion. Ensure that you have any medications required for the day.  Join our Facebook page

Seals and Little Egret

Two Hour Trips

These scheduled trips depart from Essex Marina, Wallasea Island and Burnham Town Quay and last around two hours. The trips offer you the chance to get really close to nature, as we explore the remote and deserted creeks and inlets of the Crouch and Roach estuaries. This area is simply one of the best places and the least well known to view our fantastic wildlife. During March, April, September and October, we have regular sightings of Marsh Harrier, Kestrel and even Short-eared Owls. Waders seen during these months regularly include Avocet, Curlew, Black-tailed Godwit, Grey and Golden Plover, Lapwing, Redshank, Greenshank, Knot, Dunlin and Oystercatcher among others. Wildfowl include: Teal, Wigeon, Shoveler, Mallard and Shelduck.

On quite a number of these trips we are accompanied by an expert guide from the RSPB, who is able to give a very interesting and enlightening commentary as well as being able to answer your questions. Our guide will also point out all of the different bird species that you will see. As well as Common Seals and sometimes Atlantic Grey Seals we have also encountered Harbour Porpoise.

Common Seals

Example Trip Report

River Roach, Discovery Seal Trip 12:00 to 14:00
A routine Seal and Wildlife Trip between Midday and 2pm, on a rising tide from Essex Marina on Wallasea Island and the Town Quay at Burnham on Crouch to Yokes Fleet Creek between Wallasea and Potten Islands and back. A large flotilla of Canadian Geese (60+) seen stretched out along the north bank of the River Crouch paddling down stream along the Old Sea Wall toward the newly flooded areas and the new Crossrail Jetty. Sighted in the Rive Roach basking in the cloudy weather, approximately 20 to 30 Harbour Seals; mothers with this years pups ..... some newborns, still very small and very cute ..... some a few weeks older, very healthy and appropriate weight and size for their age ..... along with several Juveniles from last year. We were fortunate enough to get close enough to view the mothers and pups at rest ashore, and also see mothers and pups at play in the shallows with some pups hitching a ride on mum's back and others taking their first tentative strokes alone. Most unusual of all, one juvenile seal was happy enough to swim alongside us as we moved away and he gave us an effortless display of his ability to out-run us and impersonate a Dolphin at play by arching himself clear out of the water and back in with hardly a splash as he picked-up speed and then veered sharp left and landed himself at speed onto the beach.

Continued on and entered the creek and saw another dozen or so mothers, pups and juveniles basking on the east shore and yet more at the next creek on Foulness Island. Several Oystercatchers spotted in various areas throughout the journey, along with; 6 Little Egrets, several Common Tern carrying small silvery fish back to nesting sites, various Gulls and one good sighting of a Marsh Harrier over Potten Island. Also flocks of various Gulls and Tern further up the creek at rest on the shores of Wallasea Island; exact details unavailable but a static white mass close alongside resting Harbour Seals. On returning to Wallasea Island we saw close up 1 Common Tern diving and catching small fish in Essex Marina and feeding it's lone offspring on a mud bank close to our regular mooring jetty. All in all and safe, enjoyable and productive day. Ian.

Gift Vouchers
You are able to purchase gift vouchers for our popular seal and wildlife trips as gifts. These can be sent directly to the person or can be forwarded to you. The lucky benefactor can then book a trip to suit their diary.

Call us on: 07748 653900 to book.

Common Seal

We cannot be held responsible in the event that a trip is cancelled due to bad weather or other circumstances beyond our control. We will whenever possible attempt to inform our pre booked passengers of any enforced changes and will of course validate their tickets for an alternative sailing. We cannot be held responsible for enforced changes affecting the ferry service.

In the event of cancellation of the trip by the company due to bad weather, mechanical breakdown or other reason beyond our control every effort will be made to offer an alternate sailing. Should this not be possible a full refund will be made without delay.