About the Skipper

Steve Barker

I was bait digging with my dad when I was still at school, walking the mud flats and gully’s, collecting peeler crab in the summer, and digging lugworm in the winter - seeing how tides change the shape and depth of the sands. In the areas I fish, constant knowledge of the sand banks is a must for both safety and for fishing. Fish will move from one sand bank to another over night, so being out there 7 days a week keeps me totally focused on the fishing.

I have also worked for many years with some of the best charter skippers in Essex, out of both Leigh-on-sea and Wallasea marina, which is now called Essex marina - form where I now charter the boat. For almost 50 years I have fished all around the Thames Estuary, and have caught some big fish:-cod to 24lbs; smoothounds to 22.5lbs, and big thornback rays, a 35lb stingray, and some big catches. I do say that “take home what you can eat and return the females”. I have fished and won quite a lot of competitions over the years, and had my first boat about 26 years ago. I sold that one and brought a fast 24ft hardy to fish off-shore marks. This was a new boat built at Ipswich Levington marina and the deal was that I could fit the galley and cabin out myself.

Over the last 4-5 years I have taken various qualifications :- sea survival, first aid shore based course RYA/MCA coastal skipper & yacht master offshore, and license with a commercial endorsement, night passage and certificate of competence, and am of course, fully insured.

The Discovery

Discovery is an offshore 32, purchased 4 years ago and has since undergone a complete professionally refit, for angling around the Thames estuary. The engine is a single iveco 320 bhp which has had a complete professional rebuild, and is now like a brand new engine, and will cruise at 14 to15 knots. At just under 10m long, she has a very large deck area and a large wheel house. She also has bilge keels fitted, which make her very stable and comfortable at anchor. She has also had a complete rewire, and has two separate wiring systems - one in 12v and one in 24v. All the electronics are brand new and top of the range.

 The boat is moored at Essex marina with a large free car park. You can walk right up to the boat on the marina, which is afloat 24hrs a day and you can get aboard with easy access.

Discovery Charters Boat

On the boat there is a flushing toilet. She is licensed for twelve. PLEASE NOTE ALCOHOL MAY BE PERMITTED IN SENSIBLE AMOUNTS AND THIS WILL BE JUDGED BY THE SKIPPER. YOUR SAFETY IS MY UTMOST CONCERN. We carry a full range of safety equipment on board together with two 8 men lift rafts.

The Discovery

Discovery Charters BoatDiscovery Charters BoatDiscovery Charters BoatDiscovery Charters BoatDiscovery Charters Boat